Thursday, 15 March 2018

My Soul Friend

About My Soul Friend.

My soul friend’s name  is Melenaite, She is in room 3 as a year 3 she is also  7 years old.
Melenaite loves to write a lot and to  solve problems at school as part of her favourite subject, Her favorite sport to play is handball and sometimes netball just like I do. Her favorite food to eat is mango and strawberries along with some watermelon . Her most likely thing to do in her spare time is to play on the ps4 with her brothers. Her dislikes as a young child is hate eating junk food. Her dream job is to go work at a airport or to be a  filmer just like me.

Melenaite as a kind,harten and caring person, Melenaite is a girl that can be shy at times when it comes to her turn to share something in  front of anybody. She's very loud outdoors and sometimes in doors when the teacher is no around. She is a girl who comes to school ready to be a smart learner.

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  1. Kia Ora Claudia,
    It's me Kyra from Totara 3 at Grey Main School.

    I like this post because there is a good description of what your soul friend looks like and what her personalities are like. As well as the picture in my head, it was good to see a real photo of you and her.

    This gets me thinking about who my soul friend is......How do tell if someone is your soul friend? Is it the personalities?

    Maybe you could have a look at the layout of this post because it was sort of off the page when I looked at it.

    Great work! Make sure you have a look on my blog for recent posts by clicking on the link by my name at the top if the comment!

    See you later in the blogging future!



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