Monday, 22 January 2018

Week 1 (Day 4)

Day 4: Hitting a High Note…

Activity 1: The Waiata - A Song in Your Heart
In the past, Māori would often use song as a way of sharing information or communicating emotions.
 A waiata is the name given to a traditional Māori song. One of my all-time favourite waiata is
Kia Paimarie. What about you?

Use Google to research traditional Māori Waiata. Listen to a number of Waiata and read the lyrics.
On your blog tell us which one of the waiata you found you like the most. Why do you like it?

Out of the waiata songs I found, the one I liked the most was the He Honore
song, when I was reading the lyrics it just sounded beautiful, it has that calming,slowly
sound to it, It's just so lovely hearing. I love it.

Activity 2: Playing Games R20A-2.jpg
Hundreds of years ago, young Māori children were taught to play a number of games, including Poi Rakau, Ki O Rahi,
Koruru Taonga and Poi Toa.
Read about each of these four games on the Rangatahi tu Rangatira website.
Have you played any of them before? Isn’t it cool how the games have been passed down
for generations?

Choose one game, and on your blog, tell us the (i) name of the game,
(ii) the goal or purpose of the game, and (iii) two rules.

Game|| Poi Toa.
The Goal Of The Game:
The goal of the game is to To pass, throw or kick the Poi.
Two Rules:
There are two rules in the game of Poi Toa and one of them is
1) No throwing the spinning Poi to hit your opponent above the waist.
2)It must stay in motion when throwing it to another person.

Bonus Activity: Musical Festivals – Matatini

In New Zealand, a huge festival is held every two years, called Te Matatini.
This performing arts festival celebrates the tikanga
(culture or customs) of Māori. Kapa Haka groups from around New Zealand are invited to attend the
festival and each group gives a 25-minute performance.
The performances are judged and the best teams win prizes.

The gold medal winning team from this year (2017) was Te Kapa Haka o Whāngārā Mai Tawhiti.

Watch these three clips from previous Te Matatini festivals.

Te Iti Kahurangi

Te Puku o Te Ika

On your blog, rank the performances from your favourite (#1) to least favourite
(#3) and tell us why you gave them the ranking that you did.

#1 Te Puku o Te Ika || What I really liked and loved about this group's performances
Was that it was really calming it was beautiful and it sounded emotional and deep. The song that they
Sang must been dedicated to the elderly that was on the picture.

#2 Tamatea Arikinui || What I like about this group was there moves with the poi’s it looked so beautiful
How they were doing it all together, there was no mistake when they were doing it.
I also love there singing

#3 Te iti Kahurangi ||  I did like there performances and everything,
but they were doing as if they were is a rush but aside from that
It was really lovely