Friday, 2 March 2018

Lock Down

2.03.2018 - Friday
In a paragraph, explain the process of a lock down in our school.

A lock down is a process of an emergency, the type of lock down we have is when somebody is carrying a gun, or a crazy person is running around, or an wild animal is running outside.

When we have an emergency like that the principle rings the bell maybe 4 or 5 times for us to get in the middle of the class room and huddle up under the tables, after a while we have to wait 5 to 6 mins for the principle to come and knock on our class window to tell us that we are free to get up. Then after all the drama happens we all have to evacuate to the back of our school to take a class roll to make sure everyone is there.

Learn: I learnt how to understand the process of a long down

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  1. Hi Claudia,
    What a good explanation. We have lock downs here sometimes too. We get to the nearest classroom and away from the windows. Mostly its when someones being unsafe in our school.


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