Friday, 15 April 2016


The Best St Patrick's Day Ever

On St Patrick's day, at mass, I liked it when Father asked us questions and made us laugh.
During Mass my soul friend, Silia was annoying because she kept tapping my shoulder to make me turn around. After Mass, we had a shared feast with our Soul friends from Room 3. I brought yummy chocolate finger biscuits and SIlia brought a tray of pies, savouries and sausage rolls. Silia got upset because Mr Gaffney asked her to share her big tray of food with 2 people who had not brought anything and she didn’t want to share it.

My favorite part of the day was eating pies, savouries and biscuits because normally at home I am not allowed to eat food like this so it was a special treat!
We are learning to write using our personal voice. I used my personal voice in my writing  when I described my favourite part of the day.

Thursday, 14 April 2016


Today I have done my prototec and today I got 39 out of 60