Wednesday, 24 June 2015

ROOTS Presentation
In term 2 , Rooms 5 and 6 did a Water Inquiry 4 week program with science activities run by ROOTS, a community group. Waikare, Alice and Candice from ROOTS taught us about the Water Cycle, how to make a Water Filter, how to make a recyclable Vertical garden and why a litterless lunchbox is good for the ocean. The last week we got ready to show our school and outside visitors what we had learned.
On Wednesday the 15th of June at 12:00 pm, Room 5 went into the  hall with Waikare Candice and Alice to set up tables showing our learning about the Water Cycle, making a Water Filter , making a Vertical Garden and litterless lunch boxes. Moana, Samuel, Opi and I presented our learning about making a Vertical Garden from recycled drink bottles, string and bamboo to recycle water. I really liked making the Vertical Garden because I had fun doing the planting. ROOTS put a water tank in at our school to store the rainwater from our school roof. We had a ceremony to bless the water tank. Waikare did a karakia and we sang a hymn and prayed to the Holy Spirit. The whole school came to the ceremony and so did some outside visitors from the council. Alice made us yummy homemade vegetable soup with bread rolls which we ate after the presentations. We were given certificates and Mrs Middleton was given a t shirt. Maris-Stella presented the thank you cards made by Room 5. At the end of the day we helped them clean up and we said thank you for a fun program.
(written by Claudia with help from Mrs Middleton)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Type test

This is my typing score for wednesday 17th June. I can type 18 words  per minute. My goal is to be able to type 23 words per minute. This practice will help me be fast and accurate when I have to type during learning time.