Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Hola, My name is Claudia I am a year 7 attending St Pius x catholic school. This year I am a class that has a very special name called Spx Nu'u and My teacher is Mrs Tui. I belong to John Paul II Aiga. 


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  2. Hi Claudia, I have seen your blog I think it is amazing could you tell me what Spx Nu'u means. Here is a link to my blog.

  3. Hey there Jaedah,
    I just wanna say thankyou for commenting on my blog now amma tell you what the meaning of spx Nu'u
    Spx stands for Saint Pius X witch is our school name and also Nu'u means something else, But to me Nu'u means family, family that I can work on well with,also people who will courage me in my learning, its also not that its how we get along with other people. That's what its means to me
    thankyou you really much for commtenting