Friday, 11 March 2016

The Fun Barbeque at Mission bay with my family

The Fun Barbeque at Mission bay with my family  

Early in the afternoon my family and I went on a road trip to mission bay. My mum said “we will go there with some stuff that we need”. I asked? “what are we taking with us”. My mum said “we will take the BBQ with us while you guys go and get your swimming togs”.

When we got into the car we couldn't fit so my mum said to everyone get out and go in the van. When we got out my mum told us where to sit in the van. I was so happy that I was the last person to get in the van because I got to sit in the front with my mum and everyone was at the back saying that is not far because she is too small to sit in the front.

When we got to Mission bay everyone got out off the van and said we a finely here we almost died in the car because it was so hot. Than we went and got changed into our togs in the toilets. When we got changed into our togs we went outside and ran into the water and we all said aaaaaa because the water was freezing cold.

When we got the bbq out of the van my Dad and his friends cooked the food.  When we got out of the water we were starving after all the swimming we did.So  I walked up to my dad and asked him if the food was cooked yet and he said yes we are finshed now so I went to tell my mum and she said to everyone come on the bbq is ready to eat. It was so yummy I loved it so much.

After we finished eating my Mum said let's all go and swim. So we all ran into the water and played with our beach ball it was so fun

My family that came to the beach with us was my Mum, my Dad Moe,Sisters Victoria,Kaitlyn,my Papa Nanivi,Nana louise,and my Papa's family.

At Mission Bay it was so much fun spending time with my family I hope my family had so much fun and I want to do it again one day.

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